How is the weather in may in Mallorca

 Hi Challengers! Today, We would like to give you some basic information about the weather in Mallorca. The environment of Alcudia in Mallorca is the deep sea and relatively warm water not lowering 14 º C in winter. If you want to visit the island in august, congratulations(or not) you will swim in 25° C water!

Anyway! May comes really soon and here in northern Mallorca is the time for jumping to the water again! Of course, not for a 5 minutes swim, but we recommend to use a wetsuit for longer time water activities. For you to know which weather you will find during your holidays in May, Have a look:

May in Mallorca

Temperatures beetwen 24° C (max) and 11° C (min)

Water temperature about 17° C

Aprox 10 hours of Daylight

Rain: 5 days per month

We hope you join us during your holidays 2017 in Mallorca, and If you come in May, remember that is already the time for water adventures like kayaking, snorkeling and the rest of adventures included in The Challenge Mallorca. Let the challenge begin!